Weanling               $43.00

Small                     $48.00

Medium                 $53.00

Large                     $58.00

X Large                 $63.00

Clearance Hood    $40.00

Shoulder Guard    $30.00


Dun Haven Hoods and Shoulder Guards are shipped to U.S. locations using USPS Priority Mail including Delivery Confirmation.  International customers please email for postal rate.

Postage is added at the time of check-out.  USPS raised Priority Mail rates on January 17, 2016 - new rates are reflected here.

One hood/guard = $6.45 postage

Add $2.50 for each additional hood/guard ordered.

Two hoods/guards = $8.95 postage

Three hoods/guards = $11.45 postage

Four hoods/guards = $13.95 postage

                               Five hoods/guards = $16.45 postage

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